Welcome to Our Wedding

Sat 21st June 2008


Laurence Postgate, and Clare Etheridge

It's a Wrap

My goodness, the wedding is over. It seems like it lasted a glorious month or two! What fun we had - so many friends & family turned up that we had an amazing 112 guests!


Don't forget to checkout all the guest's photos here there are some really funny ones!! The only photos that aren't online are the ones from the cameras on the tables - we have these in several physical albums for you to look at when you come & visit!!!


Our heartfelt thanks go to:

David and Pat Etheridge who made Clare & my dreams come true


Also we had an amazing team that helped us manage everything without a hitch - er actually with quite a significant hitch (the 7 year hitch).


We will add a page for you to upload your photos of the wedding so watch this space for a link to the gallery (we will send a guest password & login by e-mail).


Many thanks to The Reverend Rod Price for marrying us (wth the help of the big fella of course!)

Our amazing supporting cast were:

Clare's Starlets:

Gerogie Mack
Emma Bourne

New Zealand Best Man:

Jonno Leanard

Master of Ceremonies & UK Best Man:

Richard Hayden

The Ushers:

Ron Burns
Adam Marsh (see facebook)

Camera Men:

John Leonard
Justin Gray

Location Manager:

Evros from the Columbia Beach Resort

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