Your attendance at the wedding is present enough for us! If you can't come then we expect an enormous one (just kidding Graham).


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 Wedding Presents & Gifts

If you did want to give us a present however....


Because we have been together for a while now we have most of the housey stuff we need and so while we love the idea of loads of wedding pressies the practicality of a wedding abroad and a flat full to bursting means we would be really pleased if you felt like contributing to one of the following present ideas that will make a real difference to us.


For those who want to get a personal present please don't bring the actual item to Cyprus as we will have difficulty bringing them back.


The Cypriot tradition is to pin bank notes to the bride's dress but we thought doing it by paypal would be easier!! Laurence has set up a PayPal account which will tell us exactly which gift you would like to contribute to. You can use the relevant form below to give us a contribution using a credit or debit card and there is a box on the left hand side for you to leave us a personal note should you wish to. Thank you all so much.

When Scarlett is a bit older Clare & Laurence are planning a deferred two week Honeymoon on their own!!!!
 Spa Day in Cyprus
 Gift-Scarlett Montage
 New Orthopaedic Mattress
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